Aircraft Painting, Exterior & Interior Refurbishment

Through their well-established subsidiary RAS Group, Jet Maintenance Solutions offers aircraft painting, interior and exterior refurbishment services aimed at delivering the best possible results in the most cost-efficient way. Our main goal is to transform aircraft space to create a comfortable, safe and pleasant environment for travelling private.

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Aircraft appearance is the first thing anyone notices, so clean, quality paintwork for airplanes is extremely important. Through its subsidiary RAS Completions, JET MS offers high-quality aircraft painting solutions. The company’s capabilities to customise aircraft paintwork include client company logo, images, pin striping and special effect paint systems.


Aircraft require professional protection to avoid damage to exterior painted surfaces, improve performance and reduce cleaning time. The treatment is professionally applied by highly experienced, trained and approved personnel and has a number of benefits:

  • Enhances aircraft appearances by providing a long lasting high lustre sheen.
  • Lowers the annual cost of aircraft appearance maintenance by reducing amount of washing and waxing required.
  • Protects paint from harmful ultraviolet light damage, which causes paint to fade and deteriorate.
  • Protects paint from staining and discolouration by fuel, oil and bird droppings.
  • Dramatically increases the paint life with annual texture program.
  • Decreases fuel consumption by minimising contamination on the paint surface, this reduces the weight and drag on the aircraft.


Through its subsidiary RAS Completions, JET MS is able to offer full aircraft exterior solutions for Commercial and VIP aircraft: paint stripping, sanding, priming and high quality top coats and more.

RAS Completions use the latest advanced livery techniques and have perfected the art and science of correctly finishing the outside of all aircraft including large, medium, small sized rotorcraft, jet and turboprop aircraft.

  • All engineering-related activities are available in RAS’ 2,600 sq. m hangar.
  • ISO 9001:2015 aircraft painting and refinishing specialist with extensive experience regulated to CAA requirements.


Through its EASA and CAA Part 21 and 145 approved subsidiary RAS Interiors, JET MS is able to offer full cabin interior solutions for VIP and Business Jet Aircraft, to include the design, manufacture or refurbishment and certification of all client requirements.

On site capabilities for design, testing, certification, fabrication, soft furnishing, wood repairs, metal plating, composite manufacturing and refurbishment are available.

Through RAS, JET MS provides every desired level of decor finish from interior paint finishes to VVIP wood veneers and lacquers.

RAS Interiors has experience in refurbishment of the following:

  • Galleys & Buffet Units
  • Lavatories & Washrooms
  • Cabin Class Divider Systems
  • Wardrobes & Closets
  • Seats, Upholstery & Refurbishment
  • Carpets & Soft Furnishings
  • Bulkheads, Dividers & Curtains
  • Crew Rest Compartments


Meticulously designing, developing, fitting and certifying an aircraft interior is one of the most exciting challenges JET MS subsidiaries’ RAS Interiors team faces. The London based team has several decades of combined experience in delivering stunning aircraft interiors from concept to completion, which rightfully exceeds expectations.

Interior Design Process

When it comes to aircraft interior design, a one size fits all approach does not work, that’s why prior to starting any design project, the team carries out a full needs analysis. The analysis required covers a variety of topics including:

  • Functionality Requirements
  • Communication & Entertainment Requirements
  • Desired Materials
  • Desired Design & Features
  • Re-sale Values

Expertise at all stages of the process ensures that every design produced is fully compliant with aviation regulations.

Steps of the Interior Design Process

Design Concept. Taking into consideration each unique requirement, dreams and ideas are turned into a reality with the use of 3D and 2D modelling

Technical Specification. The specification contains all technical and electrical drawings, as well as materials and products which are to be used – which may include lighting, appliances and features.

Supply Chain. The company has worked hard to build up strong relationships with the world’s leading aircraft interior suppliers. Furthermore, the group’s extensive facilities include airside design office, workshop and hangar which allows us to manufacture many components in house.

Completion. Instead of handing over your aircraft to a third party company for completion, we achieve our excellent results through seeing a project through from design to completion.


Through its subsidiary RAS Interiors, JET MS is proud to announce the creation of a simple but very effective piece of equipment – new Passenger Protection Window (PPW). This concept was introduced following the current global pandemic and the effect it has had on the aviation industry.

Designed to help airlines avoid the financial pain they are feeling, and operate a normal service, the PPW enhances passenger experience, allowing operators to fill every seat (except emergency exit position seats, seats occupied by disabled persons or seats with in-arm tables).

PPW Shields Are Fully Approved in accordance with 21J DOA.

Passenger Protection Window advantages:

  • Aisle width unaffected
  • Egress in and out of seats unaffected
  • Seat meal table fully operational
  • Placards unaffected
  • Seat back LCD screens can be used
  • Full access to drop down oxygen masks
  • Seat recline unaffected

Best connectivity solutions in the sky

Jet Maintenance Solutions acknowledges the need to stay connected whenever and wherever one may be. Our company provides customers with options to add Wi-Fi connectivity to their aircraft. The service follows the highest standards found in the industry offering the best possible connectivity while soaring through the skies at 30,000 feet.