Aircraft Galleys

No design is unattainable when it comes to our proficient design team.

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Over the last eight years at JETMS we have been designing, manufacturing and installing aircraft galleys into a wide range of commercial, private and corporate aircraft. Having witnessed huge amounts of change in this sector, we are proud to have fitted pioneering galley systems, which have increased passenger experience, cabin aesthetics and staff efficiency.

In yesteryear, aircraft galleys were simply places for cabin staff to heat up food and water. Today, they are the nerve centre of a cabin crews operations. Concentrating on increasing convenience and luxury, it’s now commonplace for galleys to boast luxuries such as espresso machines, drinks chillers, steam ovens alongside high performance drinks chillers.

Alongside an increased demand for luxury galley equipment, galleys today have continued to meet strict weight and design criteria, ensuring that the cabin space is a safe and well optimised environment.
The design criteria is particularly important when you consider that your passengers often pass through the galley to enter the aircraft. Deploying unique and bespoke details in the galley space such as handles, bins and finishes ensure that the aircraft cabin boasts a consistent theme for these passengers. Those looking to provide a premium experience should consider logos, lighting, covers and blinds to cover unsightly galley equipment such as trolleys and ovens.
All galleys which are installed at our London based hangars have been designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, easy to clean and maintain, they are built with materials of an uncompromising quality. Galleys are then installed by aircraft technicians who boast decades of expertise. So whether you require an entirely new galley system or a simple upgrade and refurb of your existing galley, we can help.


Designed and manufactured by the industry’s leading teams, JETMS wide body galleys provide leading designs and functionality with the latest in galley technology allowing your cabin staff to efficiency serve and look after passengers with a wide range of food and drink options.


Narrow body Galleys, also known as Single Aisle Galleys combine space saving designs and specifications with lightweight materials. The result is a visually appealing Galley which can easily support and serve those on board.


Galley inserts allow you to cater for a wide range of passengers. Inserts provided by JETMS include luxury items such as wine chiller inserts and espresso machines. Whilst a range of warmers, chillers and oven inserts ensure that your cabin staff can provide a memorable flight, it will be remembered for all the right reasons.