2022 held exciting opportunities and challenges for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) industry. JETMS, a leading global provider of base and line maintenance services for regional and business aircraft, and a family member of Avia Solutions Group, has taken time to look back on the year passed – assess its performance, and look at achieved results.

2022 brought market diversification due to war on Ukraine

The ongoing war on Ukraine has changed the world overnight, including the aviation industry. Since a large number of Russian-owned aircraft were operated in Europe under European AOCs (Air Operator Certificates), once the war struck, a huge number of aircraft simply dropped out of the global market. JETMS saw a significant fall by terminating all business and contracts related to the Russian market. Despite this, in a short time, the group has not only recovered, but also improved their results and is working hard on some of the new projects ahead, like exploring new markets and diving into brand-new challenges.

“One of the markets that we have shifted our attention on has been Africa,” said Vytis Zalimas, CEO of JETMS. “It is still a largely unexplored area for aviation with plenty of great opportunities, which could lead to some of most the daring projects for us. The African market is currently our priority.”

This has also brought back the topic of Know Your Customer (KYC). While JETMS has had a strict KYC policy for several years, educating both customers and partners about transparent business principles, only recently there has been a clear breakthrough in in understanding why those policies are relevant for doing safe and reliable business.

Integration between United Kingdom and Lithuania

Since the acquisition of the interiors and exteriors company in the UK, JETMS group had a successful period, accomplishing a great number of jointly completed projects with now rebranded JETMS Completions, a Biggin Hill-based long-established aircraft interior, exterior completions company. The rebranding strategy served to strengthen their place in the market, as well as better represent the esteem in which both companies are held in the aviation industry.

The integration of business processes, implementation of a new business strategy and alignment of common goals led the two axes – Biggin Hill and Vilnius teams accomplish impressive, united projects, concerning aircraft maintenance, interiors and exteriors.

Looking at JETMS Lithuania, in 2022 MHRS (Maintenance Hours) rose by 40%, taking into consideration the loss of a market share and quick reorientation following that. Overall, the Technics Department’s capabilities increased by 30%, which was the result of streamlining LEAN processes as well as JETMS’ own discipline and automatization of certain processes and works.

“The projects taken on this year show that together the teams have spectacular capabilities to work on exceptional projects with a range of aircraft, including commercial aviation,” noted Zalimas. “One of such large projects was the Boeing business jet project, that we were trusted to see through.”

“The project consisted of full interior and exterior changes,” commented Keiron McNeill, Managing Director at JETMS Completions. “This Boeing business jet project will definitely become our business card and will represent how far we can go – the highest quality, the best teamwork, and the unlimited capabilities.”

Securing strategic partnerships

Over the year, JETMS have secured several key partnerships with some of the notable names in the industry, including Dassault, Inflite, Airlander, Xfly, Valljet, as well as reigniting previous relationships with clients such as NetJets. The partnerships allowed JETMS group continue expanding their reach across the globe and further establish itself in the main markets.

“The truth is, you cannot be alone in business, and especially business dealing with aviation,” commented McNeill. “If you want to be on the winning team, you have to play with other big players – and that is exactly what we do. New partnerships with such key names as Dassault, Loganair, Airlander, and Inflite let us feel proud and even more confident in what we do. At the same time, it is also a big responsibility falling on our team, that is why we go the extra mile daily, to meet and exceed customers and partners’ expectations.”

Most important MRO events of the year

The year was also incredibly active for JETMS group in regard to TOP aviation events. The group has attended some of the most important industry and aviation community events in 2022, including the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE), Aircraft Interiors Expo, MRO Europe, Aviation Africa, MRO Middle East, NBAA BACE, and more. EBACE and Aircraft Interiors Expo saw large delegations from both the UK and Lithuania, where the JETMS team has a chance to welcome partners, while for others like Libya Aviation Forum and Expo or Aviation Africa, JETMS were attending for the first time, to expand their markets.

“During the pandemic, we as a community have truly missed the face-to-face interactions and communication, maybe that’s why all of the events we participated at were packed with attendees, excitement, joy and valuable insights,” said Zalimas.

Milestones ahead in 2023

During the year, the group has initiated several expansion projects, including opening interiors shop at the Kaunas Airport, Lithuania as well as Hangar 510 at Biggin Hill Airport, UK which gives JETMS Completions premises to expand its capabilities and strengthen JETMS’ presence there, bringing in new acquisitions to expand its Part 21J and Part 145 capability in the UK.

The group has also introduced first-of-its-kind aircraft exterior and interior maintenance programme based on a subscription model, looking into incorporating sustainability aspect in aircraft exterior, interior, and completions segment, and receiving FAA approval for Embraer 505 seat maintenance and modification.

“Investment is key to business growth for any company, and we are on this same track ourselves,” explained McNeill. “This meant hangar expansion, new acquisitions, and new business lines. 2023 is going to be a very exciting year, filled with grand events and milestones for all of JETMS.”