They say, that for successful business you have to keep improving your processes constantly and this is what we are exactly doing here, at JETMS. Our employees are growing together with us, and their generations are being raised. We are constantly looking for professionals, as well as young talent who would like to learn, improve, and pursue a career. Also, it’s always nice to have returning professionals, especially when there is a lack of them. Today we want to present career story of JETMS aviation mechanic and Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute (AGAI) “Aeronautical Engineering Practical Training” unit director Tautvydas Liorancas.

Tautvydas started his aviation career quite early, when he was a 1st year student in Vilnius Tech AGAI. He started as a junior mechanic in Vilnius Tech university flight training base, working with Cessna 152 and 172 aircrafts. Right after getting his basic mechanical skills in Vilnius Tech, he was invited to work at JETMS and continue his career as an aviation mechanic, but this time specializing on more complex, bigger aircrafts. After few years of working at JETMS, he received an opportunity to try himself in academic sector once again. This time Vilnius Tech invited him to open “Aeronautical Engineering Practical Training Base”, and become it’s founder and director.

But Tautvydas says, that he always kept in touch with JETMS. Even while he was working at Vilnius Tech, he was keeping in touch with all his former colleagues and asking about the current situation in the aviation industry. Aviation brings people together, so Tautvydas eventually decided that it’s time to come back to the industry and reach for a B1 license. Now while he continues to gather his experience for the B1 license at JETMS, he also haves the role of a spokesperson between JETMS and Vilnius Tech University, helping both sides to have a smoother and faster communication with each other.

Answering why he chose to return to JETMS, Tautvydas shares his most memorable experience regarding JETMS –  “It really stuck in my mind how friendly and supportive was JETMS in that period, when I was not working there. I have received calls from the JETMS Technical Department, sometimes with permanent job offers, sometimes with contract jobs, and sometimes with no particular reason, other then just to ask “how am I doing”. Needless to say, I really needed to reconsider and joined JETMS to continue my aviation career in aircraft maintenance industry.”

JETMS is also a part of Avia Solutions Group, leaders in end-to-end capacity solutions for passenger and cargo airlines worldwide, and since Tautvydas whole career is based on two companies that both are parts of much greater groups, he just feels used to having a “big brother” support from top and he can’t imagine how could things even be different.

JETMS has been operating in the VNO hangar for several years now, and this year is special, because we will expand the infrastructure and have even more opportunities to provide people with jobs and serve more customers.

We are very happy to have Tautvydas back, and wishing him best of luck, because every employees achievements are part of the success of the company.