In this second JETCAST episode, we’re talking about unique challenge and taking part in a never-before seen project. Together with our parent company Avia Solutions Group, JETMS have “landed” an aircraft in an office building.

For months, JETMS engineers and mechanics teams have been preparing the Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft for its new life as a breath-taking decoration. Such dismantling of an aircraft requires deep knowledge and precision – valuable parts that can still be reused or repurposed are removed, leaving behind a fuselage that is destined to “land” in Avia Solutions Group building. Once the designated area was prepared, JETMS prepared the aircraft for safe transfer.

What made the project so successful, was that the company ensured that almost 100% of the aircraft was fully recycled after its lifetime use. This project came as proof that no two days or no two projects are ever the same in the MRO industry.

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