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Cabin interior design and manufacturing

JETMS has the expertise, facilities, and capacity to manufacture and produce interior components for a wide variety of passenger and cargo aircraft.

Whether you require a like-for-like replacement or customized engineering modifications, we have the in-house engineering services to design, manufacture, and deliver a range of bespoke aircraft component solutions.

Operating from our newly established 7000 m² production facility in Kaunas, Lithuania, we have recently upgraded our equipment lineup with a 4-meter bed CNC router, X-axis CNC milling, Y-axis CNC lathe, guillotine, press brake, paint spray booth, and laser cutting machine.

With global approvals and a proven 30-year track record in the aviation sector, our facility is poised to meet the high standards of both customers and the industry.

Airbus A319, A30, A321

Dogbox / emergency equipment stowage
Partition bulkheads

Airbus A319, A30, A321


Airbus A319, A30, A321


Boeing 737

Customized windbreaks

Our recent new builds have seen us create a variety of tailor-made products for a variety of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

High-performance materials

From advanced metal alloys to the use of composites to reduce the weight of parts, JETMS is always exploring new materials and processes to increase its products’ performances in terms of durability, lightness, and environmental impact.

Multi-material innovation

The foundation of our product quality rests on a range of competencies, including the deep material expertise of our professionals. Our focus is on creating innovative solutions using materials such as aluminum, titanium, superalloys, special steels, copper, and composites.

Methods for precision

Our CNC machining methods deliver precision engineering at both the protype and production stages. More specifically, advanced cutting techniques (e.g. laser cutting), widely adopted in the aerospace industry, allow for the precise customization of metal into bespoke designs.

Project-based operations

Manufacturing operates on a project-oriented basis, enabling swift implementation of changes and amendments — the product can be promptly returned for design reviews and testing. With expertise in interior designs, we provide guidance on unit prices and cost reductions, delivering an outstanding ‘prototyping’ service that helps further solidify our position as the ideal partner for full-scale production.