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Aircraft Design & Engineering

We understand that with all aircraft interior design, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. That’s why prior to starting any design project, our team carries out a full client requirement analysis which covers our key design criteria.

  • Functionality
  • Communication & entertainment
  • Materials
  • Style & features
  • Re-sale values

Expertise at each stage of the process ensures that each and every design we produce is fully compliant with aviation regulations.

Step by step


Design concept

Taking into consideration each unique requirement, dreams and ideas are turned into a reality with the use of 3D and 2D modelling.


Technical specification

The specification contains all the technical and electrical drawings necessary, as well as details of key materials, products, lighting, appliances, and any other features to be included.


Supply chain

JETMS has worked tirelessly to build strong relationships with the world’s leading aircraft interior suppliers. Furthermore, the group’s extensive facilities include an airside design office, a workshop, and hangar, which allows us to manufacture multiple components in-house.



Rather than handing an aircraft over to a third party for completion, we find excellent results in seeing projects through from design to delivery.

Design solutions that stand out

JETMS excels in crafting comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing cabin interiors. Our expertise and passion ensure the best solutions, from overhead compartments and lavatories, to space optimization concepts, and pleasant-to-touch surfaces.

Our detail-oriented team, well-versed in diverse modeling technologies, invites you to share your requirements, no matter how challenging. Whether it’s for business or private jet designs, we explore a range of options for seating arrangements, color palettes, and materials, the final result truly reflects your vision.