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Innovative cabin storage solutions

Fit for purpose aircraft stowage is essential for providing a comfortable and safe flight for your passengers and crew. After all, legroom is meant for legs, not luggage!

Passenger-focused design

At JETMS, aircraft stowage for commercial, corporate, and private aircraft is something we have specialised in for the past eight years. Recognising the importance of stowage and storage, our teams are able to design, manufacture, and install a wide range of custom storage solutions, ensuring that your aircraft environment remains clutter-free, efficient, and most importantly, safe.

Enabling safer flights

Storage is a critical safety element for aircraft design. Unsecured luggage during periods of turbulence and aircraft instability presents a huge risk to the safety of those on board. On average, there are 12 reported incidents of baggage landing on cabin crew and passengers every single day during the process of boarding and exit of an aircraft alone. Reducing the number of stowage-related injuries reduces risk whilst also putting steps into place to reduce preventable compensation claims and complaints.

Aircraft overhead storage

It’s important to understand that in the early days of aviation, aircraft were never designed to store significant amounts of luggage overhead and these areas were originally for the storage of emergency equipment. However, as passenger demands increased, so did the demands on the aircraft themselves. Today there are three ‘off the shelf’ types of overhead stowage: shelf storage, pivot storage, and translating bins.

Bespoke storage solutions

At JETMS, our design, manufacturing, and installation teams will consult you on your exact overhead stowage requirements before suggesting the best solutions. Whether you need a custom system designed and developed for a corporate/private aircraft or simply an upgrade or refurbishment to commercial aircraft stowage, we can assist.

Aircraft dog boxes

Aircraft dog boxes are small storage units that are designed to fit behind a row of seats. Typically, dog boxes are available in several standard sizes, but they can be designed and built to fit any type of aircraft. Available with either doors or drawers, they can also be installed with quick-change fasteners. Dog boxes can also be used to store flight-critical equipment such as fire extinguishers, PPE, oxygen, and crew equipment.

Custom storage solutions

The demands upon each aircraft are unique, so regardless of your stowage requirements and aircraft type, just get in touch and our design team will be able to design and manufacture the perfect stowage and storage options for you. The JETMS teams are well versed in designing and fitting stowage in commercial, corporate and private aircraft and each project is kept in house from design, right through to installation.

Storage panels

Meticulously designing, developing, fitting, and certifying aircraft interiors are some of the most exciting challenges the JETMS team faces. With decades of combined experience in delivering stunning aircraft interiors, our service target is to continuously exceed client expectations, from concept to completion.

For minimal cost, which can be offset against any work carried out, we’ll survey your interior to determine the cabin appearance level, alongside functionality and safety.

Paying particular attention to the areas that have maximum exposure to the end user, our highly experienced cabin interior specialists will advise on any enhancements that will preserve the interior for the present and future. Once defined, we can supply a proposal to rectify the suggested improvements to the cabin appearance in order to bring it back to its premium condition.

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