Unlike 48 or 96-month inspections, a 7,800 landings project requires that the aircraft is more or less disassembled. It was a first for Jet MS, and there are few CL604s anywhere that have made so many landings.

Jet MS is one of the first MRO’s worldwide to provide a 7,800 landings inspection for the CL604.

Lithuanian MRO organisation Jet Maintenance Solutions, a part of Avia Solutions Group, has become one of the first MRO companies worldwide to complete a 7,800 landings inspection on a Bombardier Challenger 604. There are only a handful or so of CL604s globally that have reached this milestone. Base maintenance works after 48 months of operation were also carried out.

“The experience and professionalism of the Jet MS team and close coordination with the aircraft manufacturer have enabled us to complete this challenging project successfully,” comments CEO of Jet MS. “This is a major achievement for our company and proof of our ability to solve complex and non-standard cases effectively.”

To perform a 7,800 landings inspection, Jet MS engineers had to remove the majority of the main aircraft assemblies and components, including the engines, inner and backside fuel tanks and stabiliser, procedures that are not carried out during usual inspections after 48 and 96 months of aircraft operation.

The jet was more or less disassembled, all construction parts were inspected and a range of non-destructive tests (NDTs) such as x-ray, ultrasonic, eddy current and magnetic tests were performed. Whereas NDTs usually make up to three per cent of the scope of all base maintenance works, on this project they accounted for almost 30 per cent.

While performing NDTs, Jet MS had to coordinate all technical issues with Bombardier, communicating technical documentation non-conformance cases and ordering the urgent basis development for the standards that were not available in the market yet. The company also had to search, set-up and tune scanning probes.

“Despite all the challenges, our team managed to complete this maintenance project efficiently and with quality, meeting the demands of the aircraft owner,” CEO of Jet MS concludes.