For people who want to dive into the waters of aviation, there are countless career opportunities. From operating an aircraft to ground handling, to MRO. Over the years, as a global provider of base and line maintenance services for business and regional aircraft, we have had many passionate people begin and grow their careers at JETMS. So how does it all start?

“My career in aviation started when I was looking for an internship,” shared Paulius Urbonas, Aircraft Mechanic. “I chose JETMS because it is the only company in Lithuania that provides private jet maintenance services and they are also famous for high-quality standards.” Balys Zalnieriunas, Logistics Manager, who also joined JETMS while looking for internship, agreed and added: “Even though I applied for an internship to work with KYC, I was offered a job in the logistics department, which was really surprising. Right after our conversation, I understood that the company is focused on the individual, which motivated me to join this team and start growing not only as an employee but also as a person.”

According to Paulius, the internship is an incredibly useful opportunity. ”During the three-month internship, I had a chance to work as a Data Mining Intern and as an Aviation Mechanic. The internship definitely exceeded my expectations. Not only did I manage to acquire professional skills and got to know aviation first-hand, but I also met lots of interesting people and gained practical experience.” Balys added, “Highly skilled, friendly and professional colleagues help every time in every step you make. Working here has already broadened my horizons and I truly believe that it will broaden them even more.” Mindaugas Jankunas, Stock Manager, also shares the sentiment, “The best part about JETMS is the people, while I interned, I had a chance to work with a great team, and that is part of the reason why I’ve stayed.”

Ruta Vysniauskaite, Junior KYC Assurance Specialist, explained that while it might look difficult to balance studies and an internship, you just need some time to figure it out. “I think the first month is the hardest because you have to learn to manage your time and create your own routine. In my opinion, the pandemic was the best time for me to do both – work and study because I was able to listen to my lectures and do my work.”

The most passionate, proactive and talented people often stay at the company after starting as interns – some right after the internship, while others return after finishing their studies. “After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I saw JETMS was looking for an aviation mechanic, which is my dream job,” said Paulius Urbonas. “As I already had some contacts and recommendations, I quickly arranged an interview, started working here and have been doing my dream job ever since.”

And for those who still have doubts about an internship at JETMS, Ruta has a message: “Go for it and don’t be afraid to try. The best thing about the internship is that you can come here with zero knowledge and learn everything you need.”

“JETMS is one of the best places to intern in the aviation industry in Lithuania. You will be surrounded by a modern, contemporary environment, aeroplanes and wonderful people. You will definitely not regret it,” said Paulius Urbonas, former intern and current employee at JETMS.

These are just a few of many stories of young, talented people who joined us interns and stayed with the team after that. We are constantly looking for passionate people to join our company for internships as well as entry job positions. From aviation mechanics to law specialists to project managers – there are many options for various profile professionals. If you have ever wondered if aviation career is for you, try it out at JETMS and we are sure you won’t want to leave.