From the gas-guzzling 4-engined beasts to the most efficient aircraft of all time, there is no denying that aviation has come a long way as it heads towards becoming a more sustainable industry. Unfortunately, the utilization of aircraft tasked to MRO service providers is mostly still a highly wasteful process. To reduce the negative impact on the environment, some MROs have begun looking outside boneyards to give old aircraft a new lease of life.

Jet Maintenance Solutions, a business and regional aircraft MRO, has been exploring new aircraft utilization options, with goals of sustainability and minimal impact on the environment. The company has already begun stripping a Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft of its valuable parts, leaving behind a fuselage that is destined to be used as a decoration in a yet to be built Avia Solutions Group office building. Avia Solutions Group is the largest aerospace business group in Central and Eastern Europe. The group, together with Jet MS, have chosen to display an aircraft fuselage in the new building as a symbol of dedication to the aviation industry and its commitment to sustainability, in the eyes of Jet Maintenance Solutions.  In light of the decision to use the CRJ’s aircraft fuselage, the company has said, nearly 100% of the aircraft could be re-used, reaching one of the highest aircraft recycled percentages in the industry.

For another scrapable aircraft, the company has begun exploring the option of sourcing the fuselage of the aircraft to training facilities. This option would prove to be beneficial for Jet Maintenance Solutions since the company is able to minimize amount of waste ending up in landfills. The scrapped aircraft fuselage is also better for aircraft engineering schools as the simulator would be closer to reality – with wear and tear encountered over many years of operations – when compared to a purpose-built one.

“I am very proud of my teams at Jet Maintenance Solutions who are constantly focusing on making the business more sustainable and environmentally friendly. While the approach to the problem is not conventional, it is what makes Jet MS standout in front of our competition. Collaborations with building and MRO training companies show how seamlessly what was considered waste in aviation industry can be reused as a decoration or a teaching platform. With both aircraft fuselages stripped and ready to be shipped, we have achieved a nearly 100% recycling rate on these projects, which is industry leading.  Jet MS is a global business, thus global problems are also our problems which we have to find solutions to ensure long-term goals of sustainability, recycling and profitability.” – commented Jet Maintenance Solutions Chief Executive Officer Vytis Zalimas.

Having explored the aforementioned options, Jet Maintenance Solutions is confident in its ability to provide cost-effective and industry-leading scrapping services, with minimal impact on the environment. As the company is focused on long-term sustainability, it strives to reach the lowest possible environmental impact level in the industry and be the first to take a step towards an eco-friendlier MRO sector.