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At JETMS, we believe that despite their many responsibilities in the aviation industry, women are truly exceptional human beings with their own talents and hobbies, which showcase their true, authentic selves. Each of us has “self-motivation program” or “system” in our lives. We are driven by personal hobbies or our families, we are living interesting lives, which could be described in many different wats – artistic, melancholic, extreme, calm, colourful, and more. But this is who we are, and we take this part of us to our jobs as well, because everyone has their own style how to work, lead and perform.

In the fifth episode, “Women in Aviation,” we’ll be discussing what it’s like to be a woman in aviation, including the dedication, passion, and hard work that our ladies bring to the field. This episode features JETMS ladies Akvilė Bakūnaitė, Edita Gražienė, Lada Oleškevičienė, Alina Aksomaitytė, and Urtė Pavilonytė, who will share their experiences and insights.